lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

[AddOn] Oscurart Mesh Cache Tools

We have a Stable Version!

The new GUI:
Folder: is the path where you put the .pc2 files.
Set FilePath: Convert Relative Path to Folder Path.
Relative Path (Optional): You can specify the relative folder to blendFile for save the baked files.
If you set the relative path you must hit "Set Filepath" for transfer to FolderPath
Linked To Local: if you are using linked groups this option connect it to the scene. Is usefull if you need retouch some manually before export.
Remove Gen Modifiers: If you are using generator modifiers (like MASK, ARRAY...) the exported file will be changed. Before export you will need hit this. After the bake don't save the scene.
Export: Calculate the bake!
FrameInOut: The frame range for bake. I recommend you set start in Zero.
Group: The group for export. If this is not set the bake can't start!
Import: This option load pc2 files in the Selected Objects. The operator search in the pc2 folder the equivalent file by name.

You can find this addOn in the Contribs now.