miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

[AddOn] Oscurart Mesh Cache Tools

My new addon, a new pc2 exporter importer for Blender.
The bake supports all deformations like modifiers, shapes, object animation... and more!.

Demo video (HD):


Folder: Path to pc2 folder.
Set filepath: (Experimental) Set relative path automatically.
Linked to local: (Experimental) Make linked groups to local.
Export: Calculate the bake!
Remove modifiers: (Experimental) Remove subsurf modifers in all objects.
World space: Compensate the object center in the bake.
Frame start-end: Duration of animation. I recommend you start in zero.
Group: The group for bake.
Import: This option search in the folder the file with the same name to the selected objects.